You can easily mix and match the ones you want. For example, you can start a project using MVC and easily add Web Forms pages to the project later, or scaffold Web APIs in a Web Forms project. One ASP.NET is all about making it easier for you as a developer to do the things you love in ASP.NET.

Visual Studio 2013 no longer has separate project types for different ASP.Net features. Just select Visual C# > Web > ASP.NET Web Application, then select the MVC checkbox in the next step.

Use Peek Definition

Whether perusing or stepping through code, out of habit most developers use Go To Definition (F12) to quickly jump to a referenced property or method. Go To Definition is a great feature in that it helps you follow through the flow of an application by displaying the referenced code file in the Preview tab and taking you to the definition of the property or method. The downside of Go To Definition is that it takes you somewhere else.

Peek Definition (Alt+F12) provides you the benefits of Go To Definition without actually taking you anywhere. It opens the code file and displays the referenced definition directly beneath the line on which you're focused, pushing your code lines down so it doesn't cover them up. And if you drill down again, you get a second page in the Peek Definition window containing that referenced definition.

Navigate To (Ctrl+Comma)

Navigate To allows you to perform fuzzy matches on any symbol (class, property, method and so on) or code file name (including a search of the full path name).

CodeLens - Heads Up Display

Click on the References indicator (or press ALT+2) above a property or method to open the CodeLens popup and view each line of code that calls that property or method. Hover over each reference to see a tooltip containing a snippet of the code. Double-click on a reference to open the reference in the Preview tab. Click the Dock Popup button in the upper right corner to dock the popup window with your other toolbox windows at the bottom of Visual Studio.

Browser Link feature in Visual Studio Preview 2013

View Script Documents

Client-side script files are visible only when you are in debug mode or break mode. They appear in the Script Documents node. MSDN: How to: View Script Documents