Add a connection point to a shape

  1. Select a shape
  2. Click the Connection Point tool
  3. Press CTRL and click the selected shape

Make connectors curved, angled, or straight

  1. Right-click the connector.
  2. Click Curved Connector, Right-Angle Connector, or Straight Connector.

Change formatting for a line in Visio

  1. Select a line.
  2. On the Format menu, click Line, and then select the options you want: Line ends (Begin: End:)

Add new line-ends pattern

  1. In the Drawing Explorer window (View menu), right-click Line Ends, and then click New Pattern.
  2. Under Details, in the Name box, type a name for the pattern, and then click the pattern type you want.
  3. Under Behavior, choose an option.
  4. To adjust the pattern as the drawing page scale changes, select the Scaled check box.