Python Consume Sitecore ItemService

The Sitecore ItemService provides a RESTful API that you use to interact directly with Sitecore items.

import requests

sHost = ""

def JSSGetItem():
	sUrl = sHost + "auth/login"
	print (sUrl)
	headers = {"Content-Type" : "application/json"}
	data = {"domain": "sitecore", "username": "uid",  "password": "pwd" }
	# Use 'with' to ensure the session context is closed after use.
	with requests.Session() as req:
	# Login
		resp =, headers = headers, json = data)
		if resp.ok:
			sText = resp.text
			print (sText)
			print ("Boo! {}".format(resp.status_code))
			print (resp.text)

	# Get Child Items
		sUrl = sHost + "item/{C4EA14BD-4F2F-4306-8E7F-A922B9C67E7E}/children?fields=ItemID,ItemName,Active Flag,Search Flag" # /sitecore/content/Global/Facets/Tags
		resp = req.get(sUrl)
		if resp.ok:
			sText = resp.text
			print (sText)
			data = json.loads(sText)
			for x in data:
				if x["Active Flag"]=="Y" and x["Search Flag"]=="Y":
					print(x["ItemName"] + " " + x["ItemID"]);			
			print ("Boo! {}".format(resp.status_code))
			print (resp.text)



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