SEO Tips

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Duplicate Title Tags

Unique, descriptive page titles increase the likelihood that search engines will direct users in your target audience to your website.

Missing Title Tags

Most search engines display the page title in search results, and if your page is missing a title you could be losing an opportunity to drive traffic to your site.

Long Title Tags

When search engines display your page title, they will often truncate titles that are too long.

Avoid Redirects

Redirecting too many of the pages on your site to other pages wastes crawler resources and may result in a smaller number of pages being crawled.

Broken Links

A broken link undermines the user experience, wastes search engine crawler resources, and can affect your placement in search engines.

Dead End Pages

Pages without any links are not good for your visitors.

Page Not Found

A good '404' or 'Page Not Found' error page does more than simply report the error.

Long URLs

Most search engines display URLs in search results. If an URL is too long, people doing searches will see a truncated version and you might miss an opportunity to get them to click.

Duplicate Content

Reusing text and images on your site? This can have more of a negative effect than you know.

Duplicate Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions, like page content, should be unique.

Too Many Links

Links are good. Having too many links can potentially make the page more difficult to navigate, and could create other SEO problems.

Server Errors

Server errors indicate major problems with the content of your site.

Session IDs

Sites that use session ID parameters as part of their URLs may receive a lower ranking in search results.

Duplicate Hostnames

Many websites allow for users to visit them through both and Most search engines treat these as separate hosts, so it is important to have one redirect to the other or you risk splitting your Page Rank across the two versions of your site.

Low Word Count

Pages with little or no text content often receive poor placement in search results.

Image Descriptions

Using image descriptions can help search engines index the non-text content of your pages, and makes your site more accessible for the visually impaired.


Anchor Text

Effective anchor text concisely describes the destination page.


Reachability is a measure of how many links a crawler must follow to locate pages on your site.