Headless CMS architecture separates back-end content functions (like creation, management, and storage) from front-end functions (like presentation and delivery).

Headless architecture is partly a response to the way web content has evolved. For a long time, most web content was delivered through a browser, often as a web page. But new connected devices are arriving all the time. Today, audiences consume content through new interfaces with different form factors—things like smartphones, wearables, AI-enabled voice assistants, and even virtual reality headsets.

The ideal CMS architecture would combine the flexibility and extensibility of a headless CMS, with the personalization and content analytics capabilities offered by traditional coupled CMS.

What is a headless CMS?

Sitecore Headless Services (formerly the JSS Server Components)

The Sitecore Headless Services (formerly the JSS Server Components) provides the APIs needed for the Sitecore ASP.NET Rendering SDK.