If you are searching for a specific keyword or block of text you can simply query the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ROUTINES view as follows, substituting your search string for "KEYWORD".

SELECT routine_schema, routine_name, *
FROM   information_schema.routines 
WHERE  routine_definition LIKE '%KEYWORD%'
AND    routine_type = 'PROCEDURE'
-- View all the columns in tables + views with full table/view name 
FROM   information_schema.columns 
WHERE  table_name = 'table_name'

-- stored procedure / function parameters 
FROM   information_schema.parameters 
WHERE  specific_name = 'stored_procedure_name'

-- output columns for table valued functions (NOT stored procedures) 
FROM   information_schema.routine_columns 
WHERE  table_name = 'table_valued_function_name'

-- list of tables 
FROM   information_schema.tables